Monday, September 30, 2013

Social Media Renaissance: Part 2

A common worry throughout history has been how more convenient forms of communication can negatively alter our realities. (See this comic for details.) However, with convenient forms of communication come convenient forms of feedback. It puts power into the hands of the people to not only circulate ideas, but to make them well-polished. I believe Milton would have thrived in our modern community. As mentioned in my last post, Milton believed people deserved the opportunity to become scholars and sages. Because of Martin Luther, Milton, and other Reformers with similar beliefs, we have the information we do. And the number of people exposed to the Restored Gospel increases each year because of the stance of the Church on social media. It's hard to give testimonials for others, though they are out there, so I'll briefly touch on some things I've done and experienced through this format.
It can be difficult to figure out at first, but once used to, it can be exciting.

Things I've done
  • Found communities in Google + that may be interested in the topic or the blog
  • Posted different hooks for different audiences
  • Read and responded to others' posts
Fun perks
  • An educational community from Singapore has shown interest in my ideas about education
  • I've learned a lot about PLCs from a lot of critics and supporters
  • Educators and others from around the U.S. have put me in their circles to see more about these subjects
  • I've had scholarly discussions and found places to go for future research
  • I've received personal and specific feedback about ideas my roommates think are too boring

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