Monday, September 9, 2013

A Prior Apology, Me, and For the Love of Words

My name is Elise Mar...Godfrey. The last name change has been throwing me off but I couldn't be happier because as of July 19th I was married to my sweetheart, Matthew Godfrey!
I begin by admitting one of my it relates to my blogging habits. I've decided (diagnosed myself) with a case of rampancy, the unfortunate occasion where one thinks oneself to death. It stems from an unhealthy tendency toward being a far as the written word is concerned. I love words and writing and reading (good thing I'm an English major, I suppose;) but my love for it sets my expectations for myself high. (Not in the nit-picky grammar sense but that I am getting my ideas across effectively). There are so many things to write on and so many ways I could say them that it makes it very difficult to decide (another fault, I am not fantastic at making decisions.) So, long story short...I'm a slow blogger...something I'm determined to change in the coming weeks (sooner than I said I'm determined;).

Other (more positive) things about me...
 ~ army child, my dad is an orthopedic surgeon
 ~ the oldest of 8 kiddies, 4 boys & 4 girls (I love them all and miss them dearly!)
 ~ claim Washington State as home (despite our travels)
 ~ hiking, biking, kayaking, all that outdoors-y stuff
 ~ reading! I love books! Historical fiction (The Book Thief), fantasy/sci-fi (The Lord of the Rings, everything by Brandon Sanderson! {if you haven't read anything by need to. That's all I have to say.}), and so much more:]
 ~ ...I also love food.

Finally, I love learning and being creative! Which is why I'm so excited for this class because I get to do both!


  1. Congrats on tying the knot! And good luck with that rampancy thing - sounds serious.

  2. Really good to have you in the class. Take courage with blogging. It thrives on people perfecting ideas; not posting perfect ideas.