Monday, September 9, 2013

Nice to meet you, my name's Jake.

If identity is the sum of our experiences, and I don't suppose that it is, the first entry in my ledger would be the small scar on the outer corner of my right eye. This inscription was made with a pair of forceps. For a moment--as the doctor tugged on my skull with those surgical-grade salad tongues and pressed against the hospital bed with his foot for leverage--my dad feared my head might come right off. My mother was fearless, but only because she had been excessively anesthetized.

Fortunately, the small scar is all I have to show for that experience.

Most succeeding entries in my life's ledger have been far more positive. I grew up moving from state to state as my father went to grad school and made a series of career changes. Over the years, I've developed a passion for art, literature, music, the gospel, and libertarianism. I served a mission in Edmonton, Alberta, and then attended BYU-Nauvoo and BYU-Idaho before earning a B.A. in Advertising here at BYU-Provo. 

After two years of writing ads in Salt Lake City, my wife and I are happy to return to BYU (I've started work on an MFA in Creative Writing). We have three children, two of which were born forceps-free at home with the aid of a lay midwife. 

I also created and sporadically write for Ships of Hagoth (, a group blog dedicated to exploring the world through an LDS lens.

Click here if you want to know more, or click below the jump for pics of my kids.

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  1. I hope that others will see what you've been working on and gain some courage about participating and taking initiative online. Glad to have you among us, Jake.