Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ages of Hopeless End

Paradise Lost Book 1-2
          So I'm starting to see these devils as normal know with feelings and stuff like that. I always forget that they're fallen angels. Angels! They had the good life and they made one bad choice and it was a downward spiral from there. I've never once considered that Satan might feel sorry for pretty much being responsible for damning his followers, but then I read this:

"...cruel his eye, but cast
Signs of remorse and passion to behold
The fellows of his crime, the followers rather
(Far other once beheld in bliss) condemned
For ever now to have their lot in pain,
Millions of spirits for his fault amerced 
Of Heav'n, and from eternal splendors flung
For his revolt, yet faithful how they stood,
Their glory withered..."

So. There are some entertaining characters in the first two books here...

Moloch: this guy doesn't seem to be thinking clearly. He is first to speak in the panel of demons and immediately says that they should go to war. ...again. He states that there is no way there is a punishment worse than Hell itself, so what have they got to lose going to war? Which is a good point...until you realize what they already lost...

Belial: this crafty little imp! "...a fairer person lost not Heav'n." I feel legitimately sorry for this guy. But then I wonder if that's just him manipulating me, because Milton makes him out to be that kind of slimy, seemingly trustworthy guy. He doesn't think God would have mercy to destroy him, so he opts for sitting back and taking the lot they have.

Beelzebub: Don't ask me why...but I imagine Beelzebub must look something like my roommate's fiancé. (Satan probably looks like a younger, scarier Christopher Walkin.) He's the kind of guy who hangs back and gives good advice and makes sure Satan doesn't lose his cool.
          "Going to war didn't work very well for us. I mean, look around you. We are literally in Hell. And you think God's going to let us make a habitable place of this wreck? No, no, no. I have a better idea: God is prepping up for something big; He's building a new world with a creature called "Man". I say we infiltrate this world and take Man for our own! Can you imagine the look on God's face when one of His most beloved creations is all corrupt and sinful? BUT... But. We need the right person to do it. Someone with motive...and power *jerks head obviously is Satan's direction* someone with a personal vendetta against God..?? Satan, guys. I'm talking about Satan."

          These guys worship Satan like he's an actual god. They are desperate and alone and rejected. They are losers. Wouldn't you stand with the smooth, wily devil that takes charge of all this hell and follow him to the end? What other choice could you have? I thought I knew what this story was all about, but whatever Milton is doing with the telling of it, I am excited--albeit a little uncomfortable--to read more.


  1. From how it's playing out, it's arguably Satan's epic poem.

  2. Hahaha! Carmen your posts are awesome! You have such a fun, and very honest, commentary of what is going on! I like the rundown of characters and I agree, it is super interesting and slightly discomfiting perspective from Milton considering how we usually look at Satan.

  3. I love your summaries of each character; they totally fit! I do like the fact that Milton is making us identify with these fallen angels, even though we shouldn't. This "humanizing" of them does make the text really fascinating to read.