Saturday, September 21, 2013

Paradise Lost and Paradise Stolen

Satan vs. Adam and Eve (Videoblog . . . Aaaah!)

So, the video has a watermark on it . . . still hashing out the details of all this tech stuff, but here's my two cents for this week, weird camera angles and everything. Also, some pictures I found relevant.


  1. Good job on your first video blog! Milton's juxtaposition (nice scholarly words, too:) of the Fall of Adam and Fall of Satan was really intriguing to me as well! I've never put them on the same parallel but reading Paradise Lost it becomes more apparent that they are two easily comparable (or contrastable) events. Even the representations in the pictures you found are interesting in their similarities. And at the end of it, despite Satan's flowery words and claims to greatness he's landed himself the worst end of any of the deals.

  2. So, would you say that Milton is making a commentary on power being a corrupter, not just for Satan, but for God and the way he chooses to run things?

    1. Very interesting. The thing that struck me the most was his motivation difference compared to Christ. I felt his obsession with power while he lacked authority and overemphasizes the control he craves but is so far from having on a supernatural level.

  3. I think these are some very insightful questions that you're asking here. I feel like when Satan tells these half-truths and lies that he is trying as much to convince himself that it is true as much as he is trying to convince others. Also, I think it is easier to make a depiction of Satan (someone imperfect and prideful and utterly "human" in many ways) rather than try to depict God (a being whose perfection often makes Him difficult to comprehend). Nice video. I'll need to try that next week.