Monday, September 16, 2013

On Milton, Rhetoric, and Education


That TEDxTalk I spoke of:
The Discipline of Finishing—Conor Neill

Quotes come from The Bedford Companion To Shakespeare: An Introduction With Documents (Second Edition).


  1. Fun use of different media! I also really liked your connection between modern studies of delayed gratification and Milton's Prolusion on Ignorance and Knowledge. I really think it is a constantly restudied eternal truth that the best and most meaningful things don't happen overnight. No one is saved after one good deed. No one is a scholar after one well-written paper.

  2. I like that you are branching into different media formats! I think Pres. Uchtdorf or one of the other general authorities has a talk based around that same 'marshmallow' challenge. It's neat to see how something so simple can serve as such a profound means of understanding human desire.

  3. I'm also pleased to see you using video, though I encourage you to keep it short (under two minutes). Glad also to see you tying in appropriate resources from other courses.