Saturday, October 12, 2013

Another Version of Adam and Eve

This is merely a post with something I found immensely funny. You should check it out!

I know we've taken a break from Paradise Lost but I had to share this...I was telling my mom how it's strange for me to read Milton's interpretation of Adam and Eve because of my own belief in the creation story. She told me to read Mark Twain's Adam and Eve stories. Who would've thought Twain wrote about them? He did and it is hilarious! He wrote a diary from Eve's perspective and a diary from Adam's viewpoint. The tones are so VIVID. I was cracking up as I read them.

Eve's Diary is an online book with illustrations (DISCLAIMER-naked Adam and Eve)
Adam's Diary (You have to click "next page" to read each entry)

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  1. I read these one day on my way to work in Moscow, and the people around me thought I was insane for how much I was laughing. I about died when I read the part about tigers and strawberries beacuse it caught me so off guard.