Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hunger and Consequences

So after much consideration and probably not quite enough research I've narrowed my original topic down quite a bit:
And, since this is a really
 short post, here's how I feel
about the autumn season.

Thesis: In Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained Milton uses hunger, both physical and metaphorical, as the defining tool for character development in Satan and Christ respectively, ultimately illustrating the author's point that it is not circumstance which defines the individual, but how that individual chooses to act.

I'm still banging out a few obvious flaws, but I've ditched Adam and Eve to focus on Satan and Christ. I think this has the potential to shed some light on the dichotomy between these two principle characters, and I'm thinking I'll pull in some of Milton's other works where he characterizes them to draw parallels. I'm also still considering bringing in other figures in Milton's work who suffer from hunger.

Unfortunately I haven't quite figured out how to work actual food in. But the night is young, I may find a way yet.

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  1. I also love pie. The only other reason for having a Thanksgiving, in my mind, is turkey wrapped in bacon.

    Anyway, I'd consider looking at hunger as a metaphor for the inherent needs of our nature. As I recall, Lucifer talks along those lines when he explains his plan for tempting Christ.