Tuesday, November 26, 2013


        Alright, kids. It's high time I get a post on here. I thought I knew what I wanted to write about, but I've been stuck ever since I decided on that topic. So I'm changing it!
        I'm going to kind of record my progress on this post, and the next one I do will be my bibliography.
        Having read through some of my strongest posts, I have narrowed it down to a few possible topics:

        --Eve and Delilah. These two are interesting. I know the world has given Eve a hard time about her mistake (and, you know, maybe some or most of it is deserved?) but Delilah. That woman is a piece of work. I would love to read more into her character (Milton's portrayal of her) and see if it differs much from other works. My guess it that it wouldn't. I think she might just be an all around nasty lady. It also helps that this was my favorite Milton piece that we've read.
        --Censorship. I would be a little less grounded in this topic because I'm not exactly sure what  I'd be writing about concerning censorship. I feel like it's kind of been written to death. But that means that there are plenty of sources out there, and it is an intriguing topic. Also, was God censoring Adam and Eve from knowledge by forbidding them to eat of the fruit?
        --Free Will. Tons of sources. One of my father's and my favorite discussion topics. If I were to focus on this I would want bring up Areopagitica--If certain ideas are censored from us, we do not have complete free will, because we do not have to option to accept or reject those ideas that are not available to us. Another cool thing I could draw upon is God's part in free will (what I wrote about about God and censorship.)
        --That brings me to an interesting question: who are we to question God? He shouldn't have to justify his acts. Yada yada yada.

        Okay, I'm going to post this right now so that everyone (namely Professor Burton) knows that I'm alive and kicking. I will do more research right now though post again before tonight about the topic I will be focusing on. Thank you and goodnight.

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