Friday, November 1, 2013

"For inferior who is free?"

Paper! (It was hard to fit all I wanted to in the 3-4 pages...potential research paper topic?) The argument seemed to develop in different directions as I wrote and fleshed out what evidence I had gathered. I actually am really excited about maybe using this as a research paper topic, simply because I feel I wasn't able to do justice to what I was trying to say in these pages (probably a good indicator that I need to be less wordy and more to the point) and because there were some really interesting ideas that hit me that I would like to explore! And rather discomfiting at times to be jumping all across an event that I hold so sacred in order to argue someone else's view of it. (That really doesn't represent mine.) But thats the joy of English and literary analysis, isn't it?

Why is censorship integral to Milton's depiction of the Fall of Adam and Eve? Click here to find out!

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