Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I have reached a decision, classmates!

        As the title says, I have decided on a topic. Finally. Two out of the three options I posted before were a little too vague for me to go off of. So I am going to write about Milton's portrayals of Eve and Delilah, how (and if) they differ from other portrayals, and then compare the two (using Samson Agoniste and Paradise Lost.)
        I hope with my research will come a more specific focus (like whether his characters jive with the Bible's characters, or how his characters fit into feminism) yes yes yes.
        I am pretty happy with this idea. I not only tolerated Samson Agoniste, but I really liked it. And though I love essays, for some reason, Milton just wasn't doing it for me, so Paradise Lost was the next best thing. Sorry if I'm sounding annoying and negative here.
        I think these women characters are fascinating.
        I've already found a few good sources:
---Threshold Poetics: Milton and Intersubjectivity. It says in the description that this includes both Paradise Lost and Samson Agonistes (which I've come to find is kind of rare.) I'll have to read more into it to see if it's what I'm looking for.

---Feminist Milton: This could be a really good source. It could narrow my topic if I'm interested enough in writing my paper with a feminist focus.

---Comparing the characters of Eve and Delilah in the Bible: while the previous two sources are actual books, this is an online source. My favorite.

---Milton and the Unfettered Mind: There is a section of the book titled "Milton's Delilah and Even: Filling in the Spaces in the Biblical text." This could give me a base for my Bible side of the comparison, where I can rely on myself more for figuring out Milton's side.

---Marriage and Divorce in the works of John Milton

--Samson Agonistes and Paradise Lost: Similarities Between the Sexes

        Those are some of the sources that I skimmed over that helped me settle on this topic. I will probably have to reread Samson Agonistes, and go over my highlighted sections of Paradise Lost (I'm not reading that whole thing again).
        I'm pretty pleased with this idea. I think there is a lot that can be said about these characters. I will continue working tomorrow morning and post my annotated bibliography.

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