Friday, December 13, 2013

Publication Venues and an UPDATE

So after much searching I'm in the process of submitting to this call for papers. It fits relatively well. I have to submit a CV and 300 words abstract. Has any of the other venues you guys are planning on submitting to asked for a curriculum vitae? It makes sense I just didn't realize it was common.

I'm sad this CFP has already passed because my papers fits along with it beautifully! But its nearly 2 years old. Oh well.

Wait!! I just stumbled on another venue. I'm liking this fit better so I'm going to send them an email and see if I can submit.

So the 3rd venue I talked about above had a $550 article handling fee, so I decided against for fear I might somehow actually be accepted and then have to pay it.

I also sent a proposal to the British Milton Seminar.

Also, for those interested, I found this bit of submission etiquette or publication ethics that I wasn't aware of.

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