Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Library Adventures

        Hey, so here I am sifting through our posts to find any last minute nuggets for my paper, and I realize I didn't even post about my library visit.
        All cards on the table: I have never checked a book out of the HBLL in my life. (Also, I'm practically a senior) It's always been terrifying to me! There is just so much in there. So I moseyed on through the entire place (Unfortunately, I had gone when the help desks were closed for devotional). I moved some of those fun automatic shelves and eventually got up to the fifth floor where I found myself in the 17th-18th English Literature section that was just full of Milton goods.
        TONS of essays and criticism on Milton. I found most of the stuff I needed within the Milton Studies volumes that are published every once in a while with new essays on Milton and his works. There were fifty volumes of these, so I absolutely found what I needed, including:

--"Multiple Perspectives in Samson Agonistes: Critical Attitudes Toward Dalila"
--"Kinship and the Role of Women in Paradise Lost"
--"Milton on Women--Yet Once More"
--"Milton's Eve"

        I also found a copy of "Threshold Poetics" that I had thought would be useful when I came across a sample of it online. Turned out to not be what I needed though.
        But it was great to see real books again. I know that sounds silly, and it's probably a bit late for me to be singing praises to the library, but it's just incredible how quickly I found what I needed (once I discovered where it was located) as opposed to all the dead ends I came across online.
        Until tomorrow, my friends.

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